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If any conflict or disagreement is making it difficult for your relationship to work and you want to resolve these situations safely and peacefully, mediation can help.

Our aim is to find common solutions and build consensus.

Discover how we can help you manage conflicts and reach agreements.

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Why choose the LÉTRA Association?

So we help you find a solution:

Objective orientation

Our main task is to reach a consensus between the participants that is reached by mutual will and agreement. This is important because apparent agreements or decisions made for the sake of the other cannot be kept in the long term.

Conflict resolution skills

We have experience in conflict management and its practical methods. We can help you learn the skills you need to solve the problem.

Fostering communication and cooperation

We help you to work together to find a solution. We help you work together to help resolve problems. We help you communicate effectively, bring positions closer together, bring positions closer together and move the parties towards a solution.

Trust relationship

One of the most important criteria for choosing a mediator is trust. It is important that both parties trust us and are comfortable sharing their concerns and worries. This will help to deal with the problem more effectively.

In what areas are we competent?

In these cases we can help you

Mediation can be an effective tool for resolving conflicts and reaching agreement between parties in different life situations and areas.

How do we work?

What you can expect from our cooperation

Who are we?

Get to know us better

I am Patrícia Csemer, and my mission is to build a conflict-free community. For me, this is not just a job, but a passion and a commitment. I believe that all people and groups have the right to an environment where coexistence is peaceful and where people are understanding and supportive of each other.

I always strive to find a common solution, a consensus, rather than an escalation of the situation. I believe that empathy and understanding are key to this, and that through joint efforts, peaceful, constructive and mutually acceptable solutions to conflicts can be found, which ensure a sense of achievement for all parties.

I look forward to every opportunity to help you become more harmonious and understanding communities. Whether it's in your school, family, workplace or other communities, I am always ready to work with you to make positive changes.

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If you feel we may be the right mediator to solve your problem, we are happy to discuss further details and start working together.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions or explain your problem in more detail. Call me: +36 30 934 8220 or write a message here. We are confident that together we can find the best solution.

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