About us

Csemer Patrícia

President, LÉTRA Association

Welcome to the Létra Association's website! I'm glad you're here! I am Patrícia Csemer, the founder of the Létra Association. I have been involved in talent management since 2012. The matter of my heart is the support and development of talent promises and talents. For me, personal and individualized attention is essential for the development of talent. In the course of my talent management work, I observe, listen, organize, support and motivate.

Francsics Dorina

Vice President, LÉTRA Association
Communication expert

I gained my experience in the field of communication, PR, marketing communication, social responsibility (CSR) and event management. I worked in the competition sector, at non-profit organizations and in European Union programs. In addition to the communication of the organizations, I also dealt with the areas of program management, application writing and organizational development. Between 2012 and 2015, I got to know the field of talent development at the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations, then as a project coordinator and sub-project manager I participated in the coordination and implementation of talent camps, enrichment programs and programs aimed at the psychological development of exceptionally talented children. I was actively present at the founding of the LÉTRA Association, and in the future I will primarily deal with the coordination of programs and the organization's communication, as well as helping the organization's work by writing applications.


We believe that every child is talented in something. Our mission is to find them the individualized methods and tools by which they can develop at the highest possible level in accordance with their own abilities.


Community development for a more accepting and inclusive talent-friendly society

Goals of our association

Support and development of talents and promising talents. Development of communities living in Dunakeszi and its catchment area (children, young people, adults, families), management of support conflict situations with the help of mediation, support of disadvantaged children/youths and their families through program services that reflect the treatment and mitigation of the affected disadvantage.

Who do we support? Who do we help?

Direct target group

  • children/young people aged 8-18

  • families

  • local community

How do we work?

We work with talent development specialists, mentors, and dedicated volunteers to develop talents.

Who do we work with?

  • public education institutions

  • talent development specialists

  • NGOs

  • local decision makers

Cooperating partners:

Kozsánné Tóth Marianna (Kozsán Tehetségműhely)

  • talent identification

  • learning methodology

  • logic board games

I am a talent development teacher, mentor teacher, Hungarian language and literature teacher, lecturer, and also the professional manager of Kozsán Talent Workshop . Parents can count on me for talent diagnostics for 5-10 year old children, as well as for 8-16 year old students with the aim of building learning self-awareness using the Self-Development Workbook Package of Playful Stepping Stones, which I wrote specifically for this age group. My main field is learning methodology, building learning habits, whether it's about a great time management, mapping and applying appropriate learning methods aimed at building a successful future, or managing "school stress" and creating motivation.

Bodor Lilla

  • self-knowledge, self-confidence

  • career choice

  • stress management

  • effective communication and collaboration

  • self-expression through literary therapy

Since 2017, I have been supporting talented young people individually and in groups, developing their self-awareness, communication and cooperation skills. Since 2021, I have also been working as a "Happiness Hour" group leader in sessions for adults and children based on stress management and effective communication, as well as positive pedagogy. My goal is for young people to find their place in the world, to discover their strengths and uniqueness, to be able to cooperate with others, and to make decisions about their career choices.

Harkányi Adrienne

  • career orientation

  • self-awareness sessions

As a consulting psychologist, I work with children, young people and their parents, as well as with adults who are looking for a way. My area of ​​expertise is career guidance, career building and career change. In my opinion, talent can be a "blessing and a curse" at the same time. With my experience, I would like to contribute to the fact that by keeping the "blessing" the feelings of "curse" are tamed and the promising young talents open up as much as possible, thus bringing joy to their immediate and wider environment.

Plaszkó Éva

  • drama classes

As a teacher, I develop and support both children and adults with drama pedagogic methods and elements of experiential pedagogy - in the development of their adaptability and coping skills, their creativity and the development of their individuality. All this with a mental hygiene approach with the power of PLAY. My classes: improvisational drama class, dance and movement art class, movement coordination development.

Czine Attila

  • trainer

Most of my life so far has been working with children and young adults, playing together, educating, developing, mentoring and having fun. Already in my teens, I was happy to organize programs and babysit the small children of my extended family, but I began to acquire my professional knowledge more and more in camps organized by various civil organizations and church communities, which I was able to expand later on within an institutionalized framework, as I studied to be a kindergarten teacher and teacher, and then internationally rowing on the water, I studied as an equine therapist in Germany and as a hippologist (equestrian teacher and organizer) in Budapest. I can say that in the last twenty years I have had professional experience from infancy to university age. As a father of two children, as I raise and hold my daughters on my shoulders, I want to raise, support and develop disadvantaged, underachieving children with all my heart and to the best of my knowledge.

Griffatonné Lócskai Terézia

  • social media

I completed my studies at the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences. Previously, I worked as an equal opportunities officer at the National Institute for Agricultural Consultancy, Training and Rural Development (currently the Herman Ottó Institute). My tasks included: the Roma Academy of Rural Development I.-II. and coordination of the Czinka Panna Rural Development Roma Youth Scholarship Program, management and control of IKSZT applications. In the civil sector, I gained professional experience in the field of education and talent management, typically in the field of coordinating tender writing and tender management. I participated in the editing and development of websites. I also worked as an employee of the coordination group of the "Active communities - active community involvement" project of the NMI Cultural Institute and as a prominent professional employee of the Abácza Scholarship Program of the National Office of Vocational and Adult Education.

Csemer Magdolna

  • administration

  • organizational tasks

I am a 21 year old university student studying human resources. During my student work, I worked with children in day camps several times, where I mainly participated in creative or playful, movement sessions. I mostly spend my free time with my friends or painting, but I also like to read a lot. I speak English and French. I have been a fan of anime since I was a child, and my teenage years were also defined by Japanese fairy-tale films, which accompany me to this day, so I am also very interested in the Japanese language.
I help the work of the LÉTRA Association primarily by performing administrative and organizational tasks.

Szabó Mónika

  • logo and brand design

  • webdesign

  • website building

I graduated as an economist, and then moved from the world of numbers to a much more creative field. I create logos and websites. My goal is to help people put their ideas into shape, make their business visible, and thereby make their lives a little nicer.
I was able to follow the development of the Ladder Association from the beginning, I was able to design the logo and website, and in the future I will make sure that you will be informed about the latest news and events on this website.

Where are we present?

Primarily, we support and develope the talented children/youths and local communities living in Dunakeszi and in its agglomeration.


If we've caught your attention, call us at +36 30 934 8220 or send us a message, We'll be happy to answer any questions!

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