Talent workshop

You can improve in 7 areas within the framework of small group classes. What are these?

Our goal:

The development of talented children and young people with a talent development method beyond school hours. The sessions focus on the areas of interest of children and young people.


The sessions are held on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


After assessing the children and young people who come to us, we develop them individually and in small groups.
Our most important principles are placing the interests of children and young people at the center, creating an atmosphere of trust, and arousing children's interest and curiosity. We place great emphasis on experiencing the joy of asking questions and getting to know each other, and on the joint development of logical and creative thinking.

According to our experience, talented children and young people are braver and more open in an environment where they also have to cooperate with talented children and young people. After all, he sees and experiences that he is not alone with his strangeness and unique thinking.

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