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“TESCO You choose, we help” application

Application period: April 1-August 31, 2022
Support: HUF 400,000

Our project appears as a gap-filling activity in Dunakeszi and its catchment area. On the one hand, the schools operating here do not at all, or have a very difficult time fulfilling their talent nurturing role due to overload and lack of capacity, especially with regard to disadvantaged and underachieving talents. On the other hand, based on our preliminary needs assessment, parents feel the need for their children to receive special attention aimed at developing their talents and reducing their disadvantages.

During the project, in the framework of the Talent Development Workshop consisting of 10 sessions, we provide talent development programs suitable for their age group for 25 underprivileged and talented children aged 8-14. The first time is about its measurement (attention, motivation, self-knowledge, self-confidence tests). Based on the results, experiential pedagogy development games are implemented. The closing session is about presenting the results, which will be open to parents, volunteers, and the local community.

We share the results of the Talent Development Workshops with the local community. Our goal is to make the underachieving talents visible as widely as possible and to bring them closer to mainstream society.
The number of direct stakeholders of the project: 25 disadvantaged, underachieving talents (children), and 25 parents.

Number of indirect stakeholders: 1,000 people

The first three workshop sessions have already been successfully completed.
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